D. Scott Douglas
Landscape Architect
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World War I Project:

War's impact on the landscape is sudden and drastic, but it lessens with time, like ripples radiating out after a stone is thrown into the water. The size of the ripples decreases the further the ripples travel away from the impact point. Just like those ripples, nature takes over and reclaims the land devastated by war through natural succession.

This project was envisioned as a landscape installation in a vacant quad along the military axis on the University of Illinois campus. This quad is located between 4th and 6th streets, north of the Krannert Art Museum. A majority of the ground plane would be scorched with fire and then a planting representing a succession progress from barren to wooded would be installed on the site.

A sculptural element is also proposed, consisting of a movable synthetic wave, supported by a series of support cables. This movable structure would be manipulated by the wind and people and would represent the elasticity of nature and its relationship with mankind. Man is constantly creating massive impacts on the land and nature continues to recover and re-establish the areas that we disturb.

Concept sketch.

Conceptual site model.

Detailed photographs of the model.

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