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Egg Drop Challenge

Course Information:
LA482 - Advanced Landscape Construction
Spring 2017
5th-year undergraduate students (31)

Project Goal:
The egg drop project was used as a quick, 1-week design/build assignment to “knock off the rust” from the holiday break and to get the students thinking creatively about construction. Students worked in teams of 2 or 3 to design a egg carrier that would protect the egg from a 55 foot drop.

The Rules
1. The instructor will provide each team with 1 egg on Drop Day. Once it breaks, your team is done.
2. Max footprint: 8.5”x11”. Your carrier must fit on a sheet of printer paper.
3. The only material that can be used is cardboard – can be held together with glue or tape.
4. The egg must be easily (and quickly) accessed after drop to verify condition of the egg.
5. The major structure of the device must be used for successive drops.
6. This is a design class, so creativity and strategy are required; the instructor reserves the right to subtract points if a team shows up with a box filled with shredded cardboard.
6. If a team's first drop is successful, the team can make a second drop for additional points.
Drawings and images of students' completed egg protection devices:

Unfortunately, several eggs didn't survive the drop:

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