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Course Information:
LA481 - Landscape Construction
Fall 2016
A combination of undergraduate and graduate students

Project Goal:
This project introduced students to how materials are combined and how details are developed from concept through construction. Working in pairs, the students researched bench design, measured seating across the ISU campus, and designed a bench that would comfortably accommodate both students. The bench had to be built out of at least 80% recycled or reclaimed materials, with a focus on wood.

Project Assignment:
1. Research summary and diagram study of ergonomic design standards for exterior seating. Utilize the variety of benches located throughout the ISU campus to identify typical dimensions.
2. A set of prototype scaled models (2-3) illustrating the design process and development of detail connections.
3. Develop a set of construction drawings (to scale) including dimensioned plan, section, elevation, connections/joints and other relevant construction details. All drawings should have a complete set of notes and description of the construction assembly. Someone should be able to use these documents to recreate your bench.
4. A full-scale bench built out of at least 80% reclaimed or recycled materials, with an emphasis on wood.
5. A detailed material list and cost summary for the constructed bench.
6. A summary portfolio that documents the design and construction process.

Images of final student benches:

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